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JacuzzisA leading Irish light in designer Whirlpools, Air Spas, easy access shower baths and anti scald shower systems. The Advanz systems relieve tense muscles, improve circulation and leave you feeling physically and mentally relaxed.

Irish manufactured and designed they are easy to install with low running costs and excellent support and after sales service. Each Advanz system is customised to meet all of your requirements so your choice is endless.

Advanz have a Whirlpool / Spa system to match every budget and to suit your particular style and specific needs. Retail prices range from as little as €600 up to a top of the range system circa €7,000

The Advanz Whirlpool Systems to rejuvenate and heal.

The Advanz Air Spa System massages and relaxes the bather by blowing millions of warm air bubbles into the water through the base of the bath. This gives a total body experience of buoyancy, relaxation and well being. Air Spas are being increasingly used as part of Cellulite Reduction Programmes.

Advanz System Key Features

  • The Advanz Optima System is designed, manufactured and assembled to give one of the most hygienic hydro-massage systems in Europe.
  • The post use water release an Advanzn down on the Advanz Optima Advanz m is second to none.
  • High functionality
  • Strategically focused back and side jets
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • High performance
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Advanzent support & after sales service
  • Irish manufactured & design
  • Low running costs

Choosing Your Whirlpool and/or Air Spa

Complete System
You can follow our easy 5 step guide to choosing your Whirlpool / Air Spa system.

  1. Choose your bath from our range
  2. Choose Standard (8 jets) or Optima (10-14 jets)
  3. Choose your whirlpool Controls
  4. Add an Air Spa (can be supplied separately or as an optional extra)
  5. Pick Your Accessories

Design your own
Our Advanced Hydrotherapy systems can be fitted to almost any bath. Select the Bath and the System most suited to your requirements and your Nearest Retailer will then order a Customised Whirlpool for you.

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