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Our business philosophy is one of using innovative, leading edge, patented, technology, to satisfy your whirlpool / spa system needs.

Hygiene because

The Advanz Optima System is designed manufactured and assembled to give the most hygienic hydro massage systems in the World. The post use water release and drain down is second to none because:

  • design of the Advanz Super-Jet and Patented “White eyeball” ensures 100% Jet drain down
  • unique “Sag- resistance” curved Solid piping ensures complete pipe drain down
  • triple drainage system ensures jet, delivery pipe and both suction pipe and pump drain down

The Bathtub Because

The bath tubs are manufactured by Carron at their base in Falkirk Scotland. Design and excellence, make them Eu¬rope’s leading bath manufacturer. Carron’s diverse portfolio provides Advanz with a range of baths, sizes and styles to suit every taste and every home.

High Performance Because

  • Advanz Super-Jet and Patented “White eyeball” provides a powerful massaging stream consisting of millions of penetrating bubbles
  • Advanz Super-jet design, together with its position in the bath ensures that the massage stream targets key body parts
  • back jets target the lower body

Good Aesthetic Appeal Because

  • size and presentation is “easy on the eye”
  • Advanz bath selection allows the discerning customer to effectively design their own Bathroom suite

Easy To Operate Because

Low Maintenance Because

  • no hidden moving parts in the jet

The Perfect Whirlpool Experience

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