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The 5 Steps to Success

  1. Choose your bath
  2. Choose your system: Standard or Advanz
  3. Choose your jets
  4. Choose your air-spa
  5. Choose your accessories

1 Choose your bath from our range

Ultimate Back Massage Other End Tap Other Centre Tap
Product Product Product
Shower Bath Corner Luxury
Product Product Product

2 Choose System: Standard or Advanz

Choose your system

3 Choose your jets


  • Choose up to 8 back jets. (see bath for details)
  • Choose up to 10 Hip/Knee/Ankle jets. (see bath for details)
  • Choose up to 2 Foot jets. (see bath for details)
  • Choose your own customisable jet layout.

If in doubt please ask your retail advisor or contact Advanz directly.

4 Choose your air spa

air-spaKey Features

  • 12-20 Chrome Air-Jets
  • Variable Speed & Pulsation (effect)
  • Warm Air Blower as standard
  • After use drain down programme
  • Controls: 3 Function Electronic Switch, On/Off Blower Speed Pulsation
  • The Air Spa system can be supplied fitted on its own, or combined with any of our whirlpool systems

5 Choose your accessories


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