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Water Temperature and Scald Burns

Tap water temperature and length of exposure determine the severity of a scald burn. Children can experience more severe burns than adults because their skin is more sensitive. This chart shows the approximate time/temperature relationship it takes to cause a severe, third-degree burn.

Facts & Figures

The young and the old are most at risk from scald injuries because their skin is thinner and less tolerant to high water temperatures. In the United States 112,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year with scald burns. 6% are hospitalised. 80% of hot tap water burns are among young children, the elderly and physically challenged. In Britain every year 20 people die as a result of scald injuries. 600 people suffer serious scald injuries that can result in long term disability and disfigurement. Every day at least one child, under the age of five is taken to an A&E department suffering from serious scald injuries resulting from hot bath water. This has been highlighted by the recent campaigns such as “Hot water burns like fire” led by British MP.

Hot Stop Scald Protection Products

These scald prevention products, are designed and manufactured by the American Valve Corporation, North Carolina USA. This corporation is in the heating and plumbing business since 1905.

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